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Lighter side: More unbelievable interview questions

We’ve listed outrageous interview questions before, and everyone has a story of that interviewer who asked a crazy, out-of-the-blue interview question. Here’s another round of weird questions job-seekers were asked.

This list comes from CBS Moneywatch and includes the companies that terrified applicants with these wacko queries.

  • What is your strategy at table tennis? (Citigroup)
  • Tell me about your life from kindergarten onwards. (Merrill Lynch)
  • If we were playing Russian roulette and had one bullet, I randomly spun the chamber and fired but nothing was fired. Would you rather fire the gun again or respin the chamber and then fire on your turn? (UBS)
  • You are climbing a staircase. Each time you can either take one step or two. The staircase has n steps. In how many distinct ways can you climb the staircase? (Google)
  • If you walk into a liquor store to count the unsold bottles, but the clerk is screaming at you to leave, what do you do? (Diageo North America)
  • If you could describe Hershey, Godiva and Dove chocolate as people, how would you describe them? (Lubin Lawrence)
  • How many cocktail umbrellas are there in a given time in the United States? (Gryphon Scientific)

Want to see more crazy interview questions? Click here, or leave your own interview questions in the comments section below.

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  • PO’d Mfg Guy

    Here’s a crazy one: Why do you think you’re qualified for this job?