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Who won this court case? Worker sues employer after injury

In this court case, a worker was injured on the job when he was sprayed with hot glycerin.  He sued his employer, alleging that it modified safeguards that would have prevented his injury.  [Read more…]

Worker who ‘mooned’ boss fired: Why is company in court?

How would you handle this revealing scenario: A worker pulled down his pants on the job and exposed his backside to his supervisor. Would you (or the supervisor) fire him on the spot? One company didn’t — and it landed them in court with a wrongful termination suit.  [Read more…]

Who won this case? Company fires worker who threatened staff

In this court case, the company and a few of its employees sought restraining orders against a former employee who threatened violence on the job. She sued to have the orders tossed.  [Read more…]

Manufacturer hit with whistleblower suit after transferring worker

A judge recently ruled that a manufacturing company that transferred — and later terminated — a worker was retaliating against the employee for raising safety concerns. [Read more…]

Who won this case? She can’t explain injury, but wants workers’ comp

In this court case, a worker fell at work. When she filed a workers’ comp claim, the company asked for more details about her injury. That’s when the issues arose — she couldn’t offer any additional info. The company denied her claim, and she filed suit. [Read more…]

Who won this case? Do Facebook photos prove worker faked injury?

In this real-life court case, a worker suffered an injury in a facility’s warehouse. He sued the company for damages, but the company found photos on his Facebook page that could prove he was exaggerating his injury. [Read more…]

Court: Company can fire workers for off-site medical marijuana use

If workers test positive for marijuana in a workplace drug test, they can be fired even if they have a prescription for the substance, a court decided recently.

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Who won this case? Worker wants comp after hit by forklift

In this real-life court case, a worker lost his leg after he was hit by a forklift. He sued for damages beyond workers’ comp, claiming the company forced him to do dangerous work. [Read more…]

Who won this case? Worker wants comp after horseplay injury

In this real-life court case, a worker was injured after some “innocent” horseplay with his co-workers. He sued for workers’ compensation, claiming his surgery and the time he spent off the job should be compensated since he was injured at work. [Read more…]

Worker gets drunk, falls at work, wins in court!

Imagine you’re the judge in this scenario: A worker gets drunk on the job, falls and hurts himself. Is the company responsible? [Read more…]