Manufacturing News and Trends

Study: 36% of customers could jump ship because of this

Imagine more than one-third of your customers walking out the door because you made a change to your product’s packaging that they didn’t like – or a competitor made one they did like. It’s a scary thought, but it could happen, according to a recent study. [Read more...]

Overhyping weight-loss products costs these companies $34 million

Ever chuckle to yourself after seeing a TV ad that makes some pretty dubious weight-loss claims? Well, the Feds aren’t laughing.  [Read more...]

One key area where customers think firms are dropping the ball

It looks like manufacturers and customers aren’t quite seeing eye-to-eye as far as the environment is concerned. [Read more...]

Domino’s apologizes on Facebook … because it did too good of a job?

Most manufacturers have a web guru or someone on the payroll to keep an eye on their web presence and social media sites. [Read more...]

No laughing matter? 8 ridiculous product warning labels

Product warning labels are usually no laughing matter. [Read more...]

Cutting back the frequency — and cost — of non-conforming parts

Let’s face it: Dealing with non-conforming parts (a/k/a part deviation) occurs even more often as part of the breakneck pace of keeping a manufacturing operation supplied with what it needs when it needs it. But there are ways to minimize the impact of this problem. [Read more...]

Study: Customers and suppliers disagree over risk

How often do the top priorities of customers and suppliers align? Not often enough, according to recent research.  [Read more...]

Going green? Don’t forget to mention safety

You’d be hard pressed to find a major manufacturer today that isn’t focused on sustainability. But by not linking safety to those sustainability efforts, even the best companies are missing a major opportunity to boost the bottom line, according to the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE). [Read more...]

A potential customer wants to audit your work first: Now what?

It’s getting more and more common among picky customers: They want to come in and see your operation before they sign on. What to do? Follow the three steps used by another company – that ended up getting the customer’s business.

[Read more...]

Customer surveys that deliver results

Most companies use some kind of survey to try to figure out what their customers want. But many don’t realize that the survey itself can have just as much of an effect on feedback as the services or products the company provides. [Read more...]