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Clean up your own dirty language, court tells employer

Federal law designed to prohibit sexual discrimination is “not a civility code,” a judge wrote in overturning a $301,000 award to a worker in a sexual harassment lawsuit. [Read more…]

Can you fire him now for what you just learned about his medical history?

Managers know that part of the job is doing everything within your power to protect employees’ safety, especially if they’re charged with operating heavy equipment. But what do you do when you learn someone who’s worked for you in the past has a potentially dangerous medical condition? [Read more…]

Employees made fun of him and his religion — and company got socked with $75,000 lawsuit

Over-the-top religious discrimination — and failure to order people from harassing a co-worker — cost AutoZone $75,000 and other sanctions because the company failed to provide religious accommodation for an employee. [Read more…]

Help for employers when hiring returning veterans

More military veterans are returning to the U.S. every day, and employers are eager to welcome these men and women to the work force. But what if you need to know more about veterans who have a disability, so they can perform at peak levels? [Read more…]

What EEOC’s new plan means to you

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has released a draft of its strategic plan. Amid the jumble of government-ese are at least three clear warning signs to employers about the effects of the plan on the workplace.

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3 supervisor statements that make an employment lawyer cringe

If an employee ever sues for mistreatment, count on losing the case if a supervisor makes one of these statements.

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Feds: Requiring HS diploma may violate disability act

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has made an odd call: Under certain circumstances, requiring applicants to have a high school diploma will violate the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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Feds sue firm that refuses to hire applicant with drug problem

Do you know the rule when faced with an applicant who has a history of drug problems? One company apparently didn’t, and is being sued because of it.

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Should you have the right to reject applicants based on criminal records?

With everything else going on there, almost unnoticed is a hot debate these days in Washington about whether a supervisor can recommend rejecting someone because of a criminal conviction.

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Feds expand ‘disability’ definition

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission recently finalized the new rules on who’s considered disabled and how employers and supervisors must accommodate disabled workers.

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