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They said what?! 10 weird resume lies

When manufacturers hire new workers, they’d like to think they hired the best candidates for the job. But many employers have caught some crazy lies on resumes, according to a recent CareerBuilder survey.

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Lighter side: Dumbest job interview gaffes

A good interview is no guarantee that an applicant’s going to get the job. And often, doing something memorable can actually give you a leg up against the competition. But what these applicants thought would be memorable was actually just downright inappropriate.  [Read more…]

Fire these 3 people immediately

Given the chance, these three types of people will destroy your organization, unless you do something about them.

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9 ways HR can hurt more than it helps

A leading business consultant lists the behaviors that prove your human resources department is hurting your company.

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Survey: Manufacturers can’t find skilled workers to hire

Yes, unemployment is still at near-record levels, but many manufacturing execs say they want to hire more workers, and prospective employees don’t have the necessary skills. [Read more…]

6 top ways supervisors mess up performance reviews

Setting the right tone in a performance review can be tough — especially when the supervisor doesn’t have a lot of experience evaluating workers. [Read more…]

Lighter side: Are these resume points a joke?

Do you have a moonwalking specialist on staff? It might not be a job requirement for most manufacturing positions, but one worker chose to include it on his resume. Here are some more off-the-wall resume blunders. [Read more…]

Lighter side: When interviews go wrong

Interviews are a great way for employers to really get to know a potential new hire, but this may not always be a good thing for the candidate. [Read more…]

One employee points a finger at another — now what?

When you have a he-said/she-said situation, three obstacles can prevent you from getting the right evidence to make the right decision.

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Lighter side: More unbelievable interview questions

We’ve listed outrageous interview questions before, and everyone has a story of that interviewer who asked a crazy, out-of-the-blue interview question. Here’s another round of weird questions job-seekers were asked. [Read more…]