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Their prank cost this manufacturer millions: Why?

What started out as a prank involving a few family members and a portable toilet ended with one man paralyzed from the shoulders down and a manufacturer on the hook for part of a $5 million court settlement. Why?  [Read more…]

OSHA inspection: Manufacturer didn’t call 9-1-1 after injury

The moments immediately after a worker suffers an on-the-job injury are crucial. With the right response, co-workers and supervisors can prevent other employees from getting hurt and potentially limit the extent of the injuries workers have already suffered. What’s more, the feds have specific rules on responding to an injury, as one company recently learned after a costly OSHA inspection[Read more…]

Ouch! OSHA warns businesses about injury reporting programs

OSHA’s raising the stakes on how workplace injuries and illnesses are recorded and reported — which means now is probably a good time to review your policies, especially if any incentives are involved. [Read more…]

Who won this case? Injured worker sues supervisor

In this case, a worker suffered an injury while cleaning a piece of manufacturing equipment. He sued his supervisor and three other superiors, claiming they were negligent for incorrectly training him on the maintenance procedures.  [Read more…]

Who won this case? She can’t explain injury, but wants workers’ comp

In this court case, a worker fell at work. When she filed a workers’ comp claim, the company asked for more details about her injury. That’s when the issues arose — she couldn’t offer any additional info. The company denied her claim, and she filed suit. [Read more…]

4 injuries, $917K fine: Did manufacturer ignore warning signs?

An explosion at this Massachusetts facility injured four workers earlier this year. In the resulting OSHA inspection, safety cops found more than 50 safety violations and issued nearly $1 million in fines. [Read more…]

Who won this case? Do Facebook photos prove worker faked injury?

In this real-life court case, a worker suffered an injury in a facility’s warehouse. He sued the company for damages, but the company found photos on his Facebook page that could prove he was exaggerating his injury. [Read more…]

Who won this case? Worker wants comp after horseplay injury

In this real-life court case, a worker was injured after some “innocent” horseplay with his co-workers. He sued for workers’ compensation, claiming his surgery and the time he spent off the job should be compensated since he was injured at work. [Read more…]

Dealing with light duty: One company’s solution

Having a problem getting doctors to specify what types of light duty are OK for workers coming back from an injury? Here’s one company’s real-life solution.

[Read more…]

Obama to resurrect tougher safety regs?

Back in 2001, the Bush administration and Republican Congress rejected tough regulations regarding workplace “ergonomics” injuries, such as carpal tunnel. Well, this isn’t 2001, and Bush is no longer in the White House. [Read more…]