Manufacturing News and Trends

Cutting back the frequency — and cost — of non-conforming parts

Let’s face it: Dealing with non-conforming parts (a/k/a part deviation) occurs even more often as part of the breakneck pace of keeping a manufacturing operation supplied with what it needs when it needs it. But there are ways to minimize the impact of this problem. [Read more…]

Manufacturers expect job hiring surge in September

A snapshot of projected hiring shows that about 40% of manufacturers planned to hire workers in September, a net increase of 12.4% compared with September 2011, according to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). [Read more…]

Latest wrinkle on driving safety: ‘Have your car call my car’

Cars, trucks and buses that talk to each other (and to drivers) to help avoid collisions and traffic jams? How is it possible? [Read more…]

More than 40% of manufacturers adding jobs — and keeping costs, benefits low

Could the long-awaited economic recovery finally be picking up a little momentum — and trickling down to the manufacturing sector? The latest jobs report is good news for manufacturers: You’re filling those empty positions at a greater rate than before. [Read more…]

U.S. lost more than 1 million manufacturing jobs since 2008

In the nation’s 100 largest markets, manufacturers have shed 1.05 million jobs since 2008.  [Read more…]

Made in the USA — but by foreign employees?

We’ve all heard the Nervous Nellies complain about American jobs going overseas, as companies cut labor costs to boost profits. So why are U.S. manufacturers now being forced to go abroad in their search for skilled factory workers? [Read more…]

GOP will target environmental regs

In a memo to fellow Republicans, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) says he’ll start introducing bills to repeal or restrict federal environmental regulations on manufacturers.

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Could mfg.’s lawsuit end up in more EPA regs?

A manufacturers’ trade group has filed a lawsuit to throw out some of the Environmental Protection Agency’s regs on climate change. What could result: stronger, tougher regs for smaller producers.

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Outlook dim for one cornerstone of mfg.

One of the key feeder industries for manufacturers produced some grim figures recently.

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Latest manufacturing numbers lead to optimism

It wasn’t all sunshine for manufacturers, but a lot of the latest government numbers looked hopeful, especially to Wall Street.

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