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No year-end raises, no problem! 5 motivation keys

This time of year, there’s usually two things on your employees’ minds. The first thing tends to be their holiday shopping lists. The second? [Read more…]

One firm’s bizzare morale-booster – and 8 low-cost ways to do it right

All good managers want employees to love – or at the very least enjoy – their jobs, but this might be going too far. [Read more…]

Study: Upset customers may be dragging down staff morale

If you’re like most managers, boosting employee morale is probably a standing item near the top of your to-do list. [Read more…]

Return-to-Work programs: Are they worth the time and money?

Return-to-Work (RTW) programs: A waste of time and money, or a cost-saving, efficient way to get people back on the job more quickly? [Read more…]

Study: Workers don’t feel loyalty to employers

Fewer employees working for small businesses felt loyal to their companies last year compared to previous years, according to a recent survey. [Read more…]

Liking your co-workers could lead to a longer life

One study recently found better relationships with peers at work could lead to a longer life. But researchers also reached more surprising conclusions as well. [Read more…]

Are you forcing workers to take vacation? You should be

What worker wouldn’t want to take all of their vacation days? The answer might surprise you: Nearly half of workers didn’t take all of their appointed time off last year, according to a recent study. And that could be having a very negative effect on workplaces. [Read more…]

Got slackers? 4 ways to whip ‘em into shape

See if you’ve ever experienced this: Joe’s a good worker, but he gets lazy every once in a while. He’d be an excellent performer if he wouldn’t slack off from time to time. How do you deal with Joe?  [Read more…]

Study finds light duty makes workers happier

Light duty is a useful way to maintain productivity for an employee with an injury or illness that keeps him or her from performing normal duties. [Read more…]

Does going ‘green’ make workers happier?

Consumers are increasing their focus on companies’ sustainability efforts. But what do employees think about green work? [Read more…]