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How many pro-union buttons would you let them wear?

It’s not unusual to experience uncomfortable moments when there’s a campaign underway in your workplace to bring in union representation. Still, employers expect to have a certain degree of control over what happens under the company roof. [Read more…]

Manufacturers win delay in NLRB-required posting deadline

That spot you have cleared out for the National Labor Relations Board poster will remain blank for a bit longer, since the April 30 deadline to post a notice explaining workers’ collective bargaining rights has been pushed back. [Read more…]

Legal challenges mount to Obama pro-union picks for labor board

Controversy ensued after President Obama dodged the Senate confirmation process by filling the National Labor Relations Board with three recess appointments.

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Labor board adopts new rules on ‘quickie’ union elections

As expected, the National Labor Relations Board approved a set of rules designed to speed up the union-election process and hinder employer efforts to fight that process. [Read more…]

Labor board OKs speedier union elections

The National Labor Relations Board approved a resolution that essentially handcuffs employers and provides an easier path to unionization of employees.

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Labor board delays union-rights notice

The National Labor Relations Board has pushed back the deadline for posting a controversial union-rights notice in the workplace.

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How — and why — latest labor board ruling affects mfg.

The National Labor Relations Board recently ruled on a nursing-home union and “bargaining units.” What’s that got to do with manufacturing? You’d be surprised.

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NAM sues fed board over union poster rule

The National Association of Manufacturers has decided to take the National Labor Relations Board to court over a mandate that requires employers to post union information at the workplace.

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GOP will target environmental regs

In a memo to fellow Republicans, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) says he’ll start introducing bills to repeal or restrict federal environmental regulations on manufacturers.

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Labor board makes ‘unprecedented’ ruling on employee complaints

The National Labor Relations Board just handed down a decision that gives employees new – and expanded – rights to complain about pay and working conditions.

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