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Rookie worker’s arm tangled in machine: $241K OSHA fine

A New York-based manufacturer didn’t train its workers in lockout/tagout (LOTO) procedures. It came back to haunt them when a worker suffered a serious injury, which led to a huge OSHA fine.  [Read more…]

Repeat OSHA violations result in $342K penalty

A manufacturing plant in Georgia has been inspected by OSHA 11 times since 2009. The latest inspection resulted in 27 safety and health violations – and a fine of more than $340,000. Even worse: The company can now expect more OSHA visits in the near future. [Read more…]

Manufacturer facing angry workers and OSHA

A rail car manufacturer in Illinois was fined $2,000 earlier this year for unsafe conditions. But it may be facing bigger problems now – its own workers.

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Safety whistleblower fired: OSHA sues company

A worker at an Ohio steel mill was allegedly fired after raising safety issues to management. Now the company is facing a whistleblower retaliation lawsuit from OSHA. Here’s what happened:  [Read more…]

New OSHA injury reporting reg takes effect very soon

A new OSHA regulation that takes effect on Jan. 1, 2015 will change the way manufacturers report severe injuries. Do you know what OSHA has in store?  [Read more…]

Workers exposed to amputation, crushing hazards: $66K penalty

An Illinois manufacturer was recently fined because of some common OSHA violations related to dangerous machinery.
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Temp worker safety: Are you OSHA compliant?

OSHA is cracking down on manufacturers that don’t protect temporary workers. Do you know what the safety agency requires?  [Read more…]

No injuries after forklift incident: Why was firm still fined $52K?

There was no injury or property damage after a forklift incident at this company. Yet it still led to an OSHA inspection and a sizable fine. What did the company do wrong?
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Manufacturer lied to OSHA about fixing safety hazards: $816K fine

A manufacturer in Ohio was bold enough to lie to OSHA. Now it’s facing a heavy fine and possibly criminal charges.

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Overloaded storage containers lead to 2 deaths, $120K OSHA penalty

Pushing the limits on what storage containers could handle cost two workers their lives and contributed to the $120K OSHA penalty this manufacturer is now facing. [Read more…]