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No injuries after forklift incident: Why was firm still fined $52K?

There was no injury or property damage after a forklift incident at this company. Yet it still led to an OSHA inspection and a sizable fine. What did the company do wrong?
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Manufacturer lied to OSHA about fixing safety hazards: $816K fine

A manufacturer in Ohio was bold enough to lie to OSHA. Now it’s facing a heavy fine and possibly criminal charges.

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Overloaded storage containers lead to 2 deaths, $120K OSHA penalty

Pushing the limits on what storage containers could handle cost two workers their lives and contributed to the $120K OSHA penalty this manufacturer is now facing. [Read more...]

Manufacturer’s $2.4M OSHA fine just the tip of the iceberg

Maintaining a solid safety program in a manufacturing plant takes time and a lot of due diligence – and money, of course.  [Read more...]

Hazwaste spill leads to $166K fine: What did the firm do wrong?

The potential for a hazardous chemical spill is a reality for many manufacturers.  [Read more...]

Manufacturer hit with record fine for uncorrected safety issues

A manufacturer has been slapped with a record-breaking fine for safety violations that were left uncorrected following a 2010 accident where a worker was crushed to death. [Read more...]

Toxins found in iPhones: How will Apple react?

Apple has come under fire before for the use of toxic chemicals in its iPhone. [Read more...]

Manufacturer fined $697K after fatality: Why was penalty so high?

Heads up: OSHA won’t hesitate to hand down a massive fine if a company’s safety violations are severe enough. [Read more...]

Managers face jail time after shortcuts lead to 2 worker deaths

There can be a lot of pressure in manufacturing facilities to meet deadlines and production goals.  [Read more...]

Unguarded machine amputates worker’s fingers: $52K OSHA fine

Here’s a sobering fact: Workers that operate or maintain machinery suffer 18,000 amputations, cuts and crushing injuries per year, according to OSHA. [Read more...]