Manufacturing News and Trends

Toxins found in iPhones: How will Apple react?

Apple has come under fire before for the use of toxic chemicals in its iPhone. [Read more...]

Manufacturer fined $697K after fatality: Why was penalty so high?

Heads up: OSHA won’t hesitate to hand down a massive fine if a company’s safety violations are severe enough. [Read more...]

Managers face jail time after shortcuts lead to 2 worker deaths

There can be a lot of pressure in manufacturing facilities to meet deadlines and production goals.  [Read more...]

Unguarded machine amputates worker’s fingers: $52K OSHA fine

Here’s a sobering fact: Workers that operate or maintain machinery suffer 18,000 amputations, cuts and crushing injuries per year, according to OSHA. [Read more...]

OSHA makes it easier for workers to file whistleblower complaints

Companies with employees who’ve gone to OSHA with workplace complaints are going to want to tread extra-lightly as whistleblower investigations could be about to go through the roof. [Read more...]

New DOL rulings actually aim to save manufacturers time?

It looks like the government is already getting into the holiday spirit: The feds just struck down some outdated regs, which could free up a big chunk of time in your schedule. [Read more...]

Forget fines and penalties: OSHA’s newest enforcement weapon

Heads up: OSHA has decided to try a different approach to boosting workplace safety, one that has nothing to do with massive penalties or fines. [Read more...]

Government shutdown rages on: What does it mean for manufacturers?

Whether you call it a shutdown, a slimdown or even just a giant waste of everyone’s time, it doesn’t change the facts: The government’s operating on a skeleton crew right now. So what does that mean for manufacturers?  [Read more...]

Falls, shocks and amputations: What was OSHA’s most-cited safety violation?

Which workplace safety violations were most likely to land companies in hot water with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) during the 2013 fiscal year? [Read more...]

These two forms can help keep OSHA off your back

Here’s a helpful reminder from your friends the safety cops: If you haven’t done so already, now’s the time to post OSHA Form 300A in your break room or kitchen or some other high-traffic area in your facility where employees can’t miss it. [Read more...]