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For most manufacturers, the days when you could just hop in your car and go visit a key supplier are over. And as supply chains continue to stretch further and further across the globe, managing them has become even tougher.

Strengthen your supply chain: 4 security tips

Every supply chain has vulnerabilities that could impact inventory and products at any time. Are you taking the necessary precautions to reduce the risks?

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Are you guarded against this supply chain threat?

Cargo theft is a problem that impacts all manufacturers, and those who aren’t working to prevent it will likely pay the price.

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General Mills, Kellogg’s will require suppliers to be greener

If suppliers want to do business with General Mills or Kellogg’s, they’ll have to be more environmentally friendly.  [Read more…]

Samsung’s supply chain audits didn’t catch child labor

Auditing your supply chain may not always reveal serious risks – and one of the largest electronic companies in the world is learning the hard way.  [Read more…]

Major companies vow to pay suppliers faster

Smaller suppliers and manufacturers may see their invoices paid a little faster, thanks to a new federal program.  [Read more…]

More than 50% of firms miss this anti-fraud step

Many manufacturers’ bottom lines are being put at risk by their supply chains. Even worse news? Those manufacturers don’t even know it. [Read more…]

Study: 3 out of 10 manufacturers are coming up short here

Heads up: Nearly three out of 10 companies don’t have one of these in place, and that could lead to big headaches down the road. [Read more…]

Why does this firm owe a supplier $33M after a contract dispute?

Mismanaging a supply chain can lead to any number of costly disasters. [Read more…]

Starbucks takes supplier to court over nasty ham sandwiches

Just how closely do you monitor your suppliers? [Read more…]

Apple supplier in trouble again: Workers investigated for bribery

The last thing any manufacturer wants is an unwelcome surprise from one of its suppliers. [Read more…]