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For most manufacturers, the days when you could just hop in your car and go visit a key supplier are over. And as supply chains continue to stretch further and further across the globe, managing them has become even tougher.

Study: 3 out of 10 manufacturers are coming up short here

Heads up: Nearly three out of 10 companies don’t have one of these in place, and that could lead to big headaches down the road. [Read more...]

Why does this firm owe a supplier $33M after a contract dispute?

Mismanaging a supply chain can lead to any number of costly disasters. [Read more...]

Starbucks takes supplier to court over nasty ham sandwiches

Just how closely do you monitor your suppliers? [Read more...]

Apple supplier in trouble again: Workers investigated for bribery

The last thing any manufacturer wants is an unwelcome surprise from one of its suppliers. [Read more...]

How safe is your supply chain from this hidden threat?

If you had to guess, which one of your suppliers would it hurt your company most to lose? Hint: The answer isn’t what you might think. [Read more...]

A more efficient supply chain in 2014: 3 dos and don’ts

New Year’s resolutions tend to involve getting to the gym more often or spending less and saving more. But why not work your company’s supply chain into the mix? [Read more...]

4 things your suppliers won’t tell you

Want to make sure your company gets off on the right foot with a new supplier? [Read more...]

Did Amazon just lay out the future of supply chains?

Same-day delivery from a supplier is tricky enough to manage, but same hour? Sounds like a really nice pipe dream, but one company is looking to make it a reality. [Read more...]

Firm replaces failing supplier, gets hit with $11 million penalty

What do you do with a supplier whose quality and speed continually don’t make the grade? The answer is clear: Cut ’em loose! That’s what this company did, only it found itself facing over $11 million in damages. [Read more...]

Low-tech scam lets crooks make millions off supply chains

Thieves have found a low-tech, but painfully effective, way to infiltrate supply chains, and it’s letting them make off with millions of dollars worth of stolen goods. [Read more...]