Manufacturing News and Trends

3 training session ideas you can use

It doesn’t matter how many training sessions you run. If workers aren’t retaining the info, it may be time to shake things up. [Read more…]

7 ways to make training sessions more effective

Considering how important training is, managers should be wary it doesn’t become a boring chore for workers.  [Read more…]

Study: New hire orientation actually driving up employee turnover

Looking for a way to cut turnover at your facility? You might want to go all the way back to the beginning, with your new hire orientation. [Read more…]

Flu-proof your facility: 3 keys to more effective cross-training

We’re still right in the thick of cold and flu season and that means one thing: employee sick days and lots of them. [Read more…]

5 ways to hang on to your best and brightest (without breaking the budget)

By most accounts, this will be a year of recovery and growth for manufacturing. But how can you keep people from seeking greener pastures — especially when the budget is tighter than ever? [Read more…]

Supervisors: Do your workers know forklift safety?

Lots of facilities are required to do annual training on forklift safety. This recent OSHA inspection and fine shows that no matter how many times workers have heard the forklift safety spiel, making sure employees stay safe around powered industrial trucks is essential.  [Read more…]

You know it’s time to fire someone when … 6 keys

Your business invests a lot of money and time in hiring and training a new person to join your team. But in a manufacturing environment — more so than many others — there’s precious little time to wait to fire someone who is failing to ramp up and mesh. [Read more…]

Too many in the job pool lack common sense, manufacturer says

The owner of one Midwestern manufacturing plant says he needs to fill 10 job openings — and estimates he’ll need to sort through 500 applications to find enough people who “might work out.” Surprisingly, it’s not a skills deficiency that concerns him.  [Read more…]

Better days are coming — 600,000 reasons we’re not ready

The light at the end of the long tunnel is home-grown manufacturing in the USA once again building speed — but when it comes time to make sure your people have the necessary talents, will they be ready to climb on board? [Read more…]

Manufacturing worker killed on the job: OSHA issues $119K fine

A worker at this manufacturing facility was killed last August, prompting an OSHA inspection that uncovered multiple workplace safety hazards. But this isn’t the first instance of workplace safety issues for the company — two other workers were killed at the facility since May 2010.  [Read more…]