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Sweet deal for Hostess top executives amid shutdown

Hostess Brands — including its iconic Twinkies — will be sliced up and sold to several new owners, it’s been decided in bankruptcy court. But during the shutdown, it’s taking the time to boot certain employees in the backside along the way. [Read more…]

Temporary tattoos now a problem on the job? You bet! Here’s why

Kids love to plaster on temporary tattoos showing cars, cartoon characters, princesses and countless other images — but some union organizers now have co-opted the concept for grown-ups as a way to promote membership. [Read more…]

Legal challenges mount to Obama pro-union picks for labor board

Controversy ensued after President Obama dodged the Senate confirmation process by filling the National Labor Relations Board with three recess appointments.

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NAM’s fight against labor board heads to court

The National Association of Manufacturers went into court to continue a battle against a controversial poster ruling by the National Labor Relations Board.

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Labor board OKs speedier union elections

The National Labor Relations Board approved a resolution that essentially handcuffs employers and provides an easier path to unionization of employees.

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Labor board slaps employer who bad-mouthed union efforts

A recent case before the National Labor Relations Board illustrates that managers have to be especially careful about what they say when a union steps in and tries to negotiate for workers.

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Labor board delays union-rights notice

The National Labor Relations Board has pushed back the deadline for posting a controversial union-rights notice in the workplace.

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How — and why — latest labor board ruling affects mfg.

The National Labor Relations Board recently ruled on a nursing-home union and “bargaining units.” What’s that got to do with manufacturing? You’d be surprised.

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NAM sues fed board over union poster rule

The National Association of Manufacturers has decided to take the National Labor Relations Board to court over a mandate that requires employers to post union information at the workplace.

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Fed board widens union protest powers

Even employers that aren’t involved in union disputes can be the targets of “secondary” union action.

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